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Old graphic designer new here :)

Hello, Fiverr community.

My name is Hina Alam, I m working on Fiverr since august 2017 but to the community I m new. On Fiverr, I am eligible for TR but achieved level 2 many times. There is so much in this forum that can help me to grow up and use Fiverr in a better way. Hope to have a really good time here and will learn a lot.


Try to keep active on fiverr maximum time as much as possible. Do marketing your service in social media. Also, keep sending buyer request daily basis.

I hope you will get a good news Soon.

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@shihabmorshed Thank you so much.
I will follow, but I don’t have any issue with orders. I have 2 or three orders every 2nd day. Thanks again :slight_smile: .

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You get miss a lot of thing.

Since none of the replies seams to get you are not NEW to Fiverr but NEW to the forum, I decided to type my Welcome to the forum @laramason!

The mere fact that you as a true professional went to introduce yourself in the “Introduce yourself” section speaks a lot about you.

I am new to Fiverr, and to freelancer concept (loss 14 years job due to COVID) and my order count is still very low, but I am not “desperate” and this is not my only source of income, so at this time all I do is “have patience”.

I can not wait to check your GIGs and skills and I am sure you will have some useful insights to share here on the forum.

Kind regards.

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I appropriate your replay. Patience is very important in freelancing.
I m sorry about your job. I rejected my govt job because I am happy with Fiverr. Fiverr gave me a lot and I will leave my footprint as well :slight_smile:.

Thanks @marinapomorac