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Old incomplete orders

Can anyone confirm that cancelling old, incomplete orders no longer has a negative impact on your stats.
I know the TOS now say that it is ok, but has anyone actually done it?


If After 7 days you can cancel the order and it will not affect …And if buyer cancel the order anytime it will not affect if the order is incomplete.

I hope you are correct about that, but I just read through the TOS and could not locate a passage that addresses what you claim. Ca you please tell me where you see that? Thanks


I have faced that… Once a buyer placed two order by mistake.He wanted to place one order.I had told him to tell CS for cancelling one of those orders .Then he contact CS and cancel.That hadn’t affect on my status .I was surprised then because I had not enough knowledge .Now I have got many information from forum .And that is my personal experience .

It’s in here

When an order is marked as Incomplete…After a week has passed from the original order creation, a seller can cancel the order without any harm to their cancellation ratio or ratings.

I’d like to hear if anyone has actually tried it and if it works as it should

I read on here (don’t ask me exactly where) that newer incomplete orders which were cancelled in this way didn’t count against the seller, but older ones, from say before Christmas and beyond did.

Maybe ask CS to be sure?

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I went to your link, but don’t see anything that addresses the topic at hand.

It’s in the first section - incomplete

Oh, thanks! i see it now. That’s great news.

I’ve recently cancelled 2 incomplete orders, one was hanging in there for over a year, another for 8 months. Didn’t affect the completion rate % but showed up in my cancelled orders thus affecting the total number of them (which I’m assuming it’s irrelevant unless the incomplete order that is cancelled is very recent).

The CS told me that since both of them are older than 2 months (level evaluation period) I shouldn’t worry. They never mentioned 7 days, though.


Thank you! I’ll give it a try

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Please let me know how this turned out. Has doing this affected anyone’s statistics?

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