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Old is Gold (Fiverr logo),what do you think?

everywhere on social media, Fiverr sellers are discussing about Fiverr new Logo, most of them are suggesting that the Previous Logo is 10 times better then new one.
what do you suggest?

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I prefer the old one as well, but the font change in my opinion is just awful.

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In my opinion the previous one was better:

  • Aesthetically, the slab serif with the green background gave a more reliable look, and did translate well to the idea of currency, of 5$ for a service like originally intended - the sans serif font on the new one just says “this is modern” and that’s it.
  • Now that I look at it, the f-i ligature didn’t look great in the previous logo either, but it’s much worse in the new one. From afar especially, it looks like a weird Hebrew letter or katakana. It looks really alien, almost like they aren’t readable characters, and not an F and an I that have been fused together.


I also don’t get the green dot’s placement. I think it’s supposed to signify the fact that it’s online work, like a status indicator, but having it hang so low doesn’t make much sense.

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absolutely .i think they need to modify the old one.