Old job, undelivered due to technical limitations of the site, was she billed?


There’s an old job I have. The problem was that the job was for an idea, writing, or suggestions. it was handled in fiverr-chat. I tried to ‘roll up’ some of what I had in chat, but it was never good enough. The gig was never accepted because it was never delivered in any method other than chat, I wasn’t actually sure it was done (I am now. XD). So, while the job was done, it was never marked as done. (And, honestly, I’m still not satisfied with it but I’m never satisfied with anything I do. I’m a perfectionist.)

At this point it’s been so long I just want to call it a freebie and not worry about the $5.

Was she already billed, is the $5, is $5 sitting in Fiverr limbo land? If that’s the case, is it possible to credit it back to her account, as a chargeback would result in $20 from fiverr, (Amazon’s fees)

Will she be billed? In that case, I’d like to call it a freebie.

I’m glad to see that the Fiverr site has improved in usability. Though, I would like to see a ‘This job has been completed to my satisfaction’ button, or something like that.