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Old member since 2012, still Low orders

Ive been a member since 2012, but the orders and not regular. What should i do to improve.
I dont charge alot and always reply on time, thumbnails are good as well

Hello, welcome to the forum!
You did not describe your gigs in detail, explain your service in detail.
You should add sample to your gigs and if you can a video will increase your chances of getting orders.
If you have no idea how to present your services, see your competitors gig, their description, tags etc and change your gigs accordingly.

On one of your gig titles it says “upto”. I think that should be “up to”.

I think most of your gigs don’t have any free revisions offered. You could try adding a few (or have packages where the higher priced packages have some revisions).

On your translation gig you could try adding a “number of words” box or packages with different numbers of words of translation offered in case they have a different number of words to translate than up to 450.

You could try sending offers to BR to increase the chance of more recent reviews which could help with more orders.

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This is a common problem and what @uk1000 has touched on above is a common reason. It looks like you haven’t updated that translation in at least 3 years but possibly longer. Fiverr has been adding features a lot in the this time.
You don’t have the word count box, packages, specializations - all of these have been added to make ordering easier for buyers in the past couple of years.
In addition, your gig image is unclear and has no text, your SEO tags are awful and you should have a much more detailed gig description.

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