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Old mindset - Still following in broad business

If you’re intelligent and grade A++++ - You’ll be always sit on first bench first row…
Somehow, you do lose your grade - you’ll be sent on back bench…
Because The system wanted to be profitable always in any how, They will keep always A+++ as they “Poster Boy, Star campaigner”
!!Instead both are paying same fee to the system!!
“no one in this world - will give you a second chance”

All business, Computer AI system program, algorithm and many more follow same rules.
Promoted gig feature - only for who’s doing A++ in current - Doesn’t matter, How much good you’ve done in past.

  • Pro seller - Only for A++++++
  • Promoted gig - Only for A+++++
  • Top ranking - Only for A+++++++
  • Studio gig - Only A++++++++++++
    and more…


If you do understand… What i’m trying to say and convey…


Share here as per your thoughts and experience on fiverr and systems.

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I disagree about that. AI systems and algorithms can be written to work in any way the creator wanted really. They don’t always only pick the best.

But I assume the complaint is about how Fiverr picks for promoted gigs, TRS, studio gigs etc. I agree all the new features do seem to be based on level. Though the promoted gigs doesn’t really help Pro sellers who aren’t also at least level 2. eg. many Pro sellers won’t have >=30 reviews which is required by the promoted gigs feature, so even though those Pro sellers have been hand-picked for quality, they might not be able to promote their gigs due to not enough reviews.


I actually didn’t get what you are exactly trying to say but I tried and understood somewhat, May be you are trying to say about partiality ?
Everyone here starts from level 0 (not sure about Pro ), and they rises out of all others !
As we are here to earn, fiverr is too !


Everyone do start to “Nursery Class” right!! But after 12th or +++. You do take some leap month to that system… “That System will say - Go to Nursery again” - Might be you can catch-up faster as per previous knowledge…but you’ve to start quite again for same place…where do you started…Doesn’t matter… How many “stars” as certificate you’ve!!

I don’t think this example suits professional platform the best !
Its professional platform where if you fail to maintain some standards you’ll be demoted that’s not a case in educational system !

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