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Old on Fiverr but still hav'nt got my first order!

Hi i’m a new seller on Fiverr
I started using fiverr from the date feb 2019 but still i hav’nt got my firsr order.
Here are the link of my gig page. Do have a look on my gigs and For seller: please let me know if there is any mistakes? For buyer: Have a look and hit the CONTACT ME button so we can discuss your requirements and then i will give my expert services. Thank you

“Top Rated Seller”

Suggest you remove the above (copied) from under your profile image.

As Fiverr has such a category, to which you obviously do not belong, this may cast doubt on your credibility and put buyers off.

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You have no niche, no set plan so with that you have no target audience.

“I will edit anything” is not targeting anyone.

check it now. i’ve remove that

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It should be “A hardworking seller” not “An hardworking seller.”

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where i used these wording ?

correction has been made.

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