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Old or new account which is best?

Hi, I open my account Jul 2015 . From that time I am not active in my account. Now last 2 month I am active here, create new gigs, customize my profile. But no response from any clients.
So I want to Deactivate my account and Open a new one.
Please suggest me what can I do now?


Why would you want to open a new account? What’s the difference it will bring? It will be absolutely the same account as this one.


Buyer ignore my gig because they don’t see any review till now.
Please see my account :

That has no meaning what so ever. I am “new” seller and my account is from 2017. I started to sell 3 weeks ago and I have 8 completed orders today. Your account date or reviews has no relevance to you getting orders.


Also, the elephant in the room

A Fiverr seller is NOT ALLOWED to have more than one account. If you open more than one account you will get banned.


What makes you think they won’t ignore your new account, too? It won’t have any reviews, either.


But i am active on my account last 2 or 3 month. I didn’t get order till now. why don’t i get more impression & order? could you please check my gig ? is it good or anything else? :

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If the old account have reviews, old is better than new


Your GIG looks great, at this point nothing more to improve. The markets is flooded with people who lost their jobs due to COVID and now they Googled how to make money fast, and Google told them go on Fiverr and make gigs. So that is what they did. Be patient, check the buyers request, it will take time, it is unfortunately matter of luck. I still have no idea how I got my first order. i signed up as seller one month ago, forgotten about fiver, logged in by accident on my phone and the system told me i have order, i was like, what? order, from who, for what? And that is how it started. I completed my last order yesterday. Who knows when I will get another one.


Thank you so much for your valuable advice.

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The most important thing to acknowledge is that no one on these forums truly understand how the Fiverr metrics work… how they rank gigs and sellers in search results, etc. This is something only those working at Fiverr know.

Therefore anything expressed in these forums is based on personal experience or, as we see time and time again, people simply guess - which can be very damaging.

Many sellers claim that new gigs are artificially ranked higher in search results for a few days / weeks before dropping away. So, why not try deleting one of your gigs, maybe the cheaper one, and then recreate it? I say delete the gig first because it is against Fiverr’s terms of service to have multiple gigs offering the same service. See if that appears higher up in the search. If it does it might lead to some orders, and then feedback. Surely that is the simplest thing to do before ditching an account and then starting from scratch?

the fact that you’ve been registered on Fiverr since 2015 and have a response rate of one hour should work in your favour. It would be a shame to ditch that.

So long as your gig offers a service that people want, is clearly written and is fairly priced then you stand a chance of getting an order.


If you wanted to create a new account (eg. after you try other things first) you could ask CS for permission to close the current one and create a new one. If they say yes it should be okay (as long as you follow any requirements for creating it). I don’t know whether or not a new one would be better though.

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Thanks for your valuable advice.


Thank you so much uk1000.


Hi, @sohan104

Making a new account and uploading the same gigs there would not be of any help. It will not make any difference and will be exactly the same. If you’re not getting any response then try to improve your gigs. Making a new account is not the solution.

I hope this helps.


You say that you’re an expert digital marketer. Have you tried using your expertise to market your services?


Thank you so much for your advice.


I am working locally & I am giving my service in many local company since 2013.
Thank you.

Sohan, Me too having old account but active from last 20 days and you know I got 5 order so far, it depends bit of luck to keep trying and dont delete your old account IMO


Glad to hear that. Thank you So much. Kush

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