Old or New? What is better?


I try to find reply for myself. This question is not for powerful Gigs with many stars.
I have 20 star 5ers and my Gig’s Ratio is low now.
When I say Ratio I don’t mean my reputation etc. I mean hidden Ratio which every Gig has inside the System.

Simply I understood that my Gig is going to be invisible in search and it won’t deppend on me. I put up with it because I can do nothing. No need to try to improve it - simply nobody will see it.

May be it’s better to delete this one and create same new one? It will have more chances in the system (they call it rotation)

I’m not complaining & moaning :slight_smile:

Interesting - what is better - old or new ?

my old one has star 5ers
new one will have a chance to be visible in searh

I know that to be visible is much more important than to have 5er reviews - my first buyers bought my gigs with NO star


I would be happy to hear your opinion


I think you might need to explain this bit - do you know something the rest of us don’t?


If you will studdy search results after making any(many) changes - you will see that positions wont change.
It means that positions are based on something invisible. Hidden variable which is ALL for Gig’s being visible.
Also there are scheduled programmed changes of this variable from low to high - this is why everybody see low level gigs on top for a while. (it called a rotation) (ups & downs)

My gig is down now :slight_smile:

Simply I understod that nothing will deppend on me :slight_smile:

But a new gig will have a chance for ROTATION :slight_smile: For life :slight_smile:



I think you’re talking about the infamous search algorithm testing. Until they’re finished with it, don’t take anything as being gospel.

If you want to add new gigs, then that’s great, but don’t don’t replace your gig with all its associated reviews because of some unsubstantiated theory.

You’ve got room for plenty more gigs - just add a new one! :slight_smile:


Cheers pal :slight_smile:

They will never finish, it works now as was meant to work :slight_smile:

Going to ask - is it allowered to pause Gig and to create a copy ?


To be visible is much more important than to have Star 5ers reputation

Everybody here sold 1st orders without any 5er review

I love tasks :slight_smile: (I’m with Google’s algorithm for 15+ years - there is really algorithm - every change makes changes in a few minutes and you can control it)


No, I don’t think it is working as it was meant to work, but we won’t start that whole debate again! :slight_smile:

You can’t have 2 identical gigs. If you pause your current gig, previous purchasers won’t be able to buy it again, which is where most of your orders will come from. They won’t look to see if you’ve got a similar gig, they just want the same as they had before.

If reviews don’t matter, why do we progress through the levels as we get them?

Anyway, good luck with it, but Fiverr’s (dreaded word) algorithm doesn’t work the same way as Google! :slight_smile:


Good Luck pal

In the beginnig I said that this question is not for COOL Gigs with big 5er reputation :slight_smile:

With my low level Gig doomed to be invisible I can do experiments - low level of risk - almost nothing to lose :slight_smile:

I played with Google - Google played with me - this is why I know Google.
I want to know the Fiverr and I see this hidden RATIO in everywhere :slight_smile:
But I won’t be able to change it :frowning:
Simply Game :slight_smile: