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Old profile shows up in all my ads


I recently changed my picture and my description on my Fiverr profile, but when I send out ads, they show my OLD information and picture.

Customer Service said this:

We recommend you to disconnect the Facebook and Google services from your account and link them to a new one so your gigs can be linked with your new profile once shared on social networks.

1 - How do I disconnect the Facebook and Google services? I have looked but cannot figure it out.

2 - Are they telling me I need a NEW ACCOUNT? What will happen to my reviews? Do I have to start all over again?

I have only been with Fiverr for a few days and I am so AGGRAVATED with this website and all of the glitches.

Please help me if you can.


Hi and please sign out from facebook and google on your browser that you are using. Also try another browser and see if it works.

Another option is to try and clear your browser, cookies and cache.

When you click on “Profile” you can see your linked social media accounts. Did you try there? Maybe there is an option for you to detach those accounts.