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Old Scam in Fiverr

Hi everyone…,

So i got this inbox this morning…,
(2:00 AM from this user account)

"Can you ttransfer 4.3M to my seller from indonisia using bca bank online cuz he sending me the details of the BCA i will offer you 550$ here or via paayoneer"

Never thought someone is still trying use this kind of scam method in fiverr.


Wow, that’s hilarious! If any of us had access to 4M we wouldn’t be on Fiverr!

4Million on that local currency !!


what would that 14k rupiahs buy you in indonisia?

For Rp14K rupiah…, you can get 1 Mcd Beef Burger.

14M Rp is 4 times what government monthly labor payment.
Current Labor payment is 3.5M rupiah.


oh i see that`s really bed