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Old Seller vs New Seller

If all buyers place work orders to the old seller,
Then how can new sellers like us get job opportunities :pensive: :sleepy:


Because not all buyers place orders with old sellers.

Many new sellers can get jobs quickly if they take the time to present their service professionally.

If I was starting over with a new account, I could get sales on the first day. All it takes is reading the entire help section on Fiverr and one month of research and maybe training new skills.


The Fiverr is different they give opportunity for new sellers. You can use the “Buyer Request” page to send everyday 10 offers… this is how i started.

If you just keep waiting for the orders come, i can say that this don’t will happen because you are new… use the Buyer Request to get the first clients and then you will grow up with the time.


Remember, that all “old” sellers was new, and all experienced sellers worked hard to stay at Fiverr and to get good orders.
We are all in the same conditions, that’s the truth.


Check this out: New Sellers … The True Way to Success!



Like what others have already said, not all buyers purchase a service from old sellers. Many of them actually search for new sellers, because they usually offer their services at a lower price.

Also, you should not start your Fiverr experience with that negative mindset, it will get you nowhere.

Instead of creating new topics with your questions and doubts, do some research in the Internet or here in the forum. It is filled with tips and advices for new sellers.
After doing some research you will also learn about Fiverr’s gig rotation that displays New Sellers’ Profiles at the top or in the first pages of the categories to give them a chance. So yes, do some research and work on your skills and what you have to offer.


Blockquote Then how can new sellers like us get job opportunities

By being attractive and good looking, some months ago I hadn’t any orders, then I created a good gig, and now I’m level 1 seller

Everything starts from zero. By doing a market research for your niche then you will understand why you don’t get orders.