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Old Thread Retirement

I almost didn’t post this because the forum badly needs more moderators first, general repair/redo second and then other changes. My idea would help with spam though.

I think threads should be locked (closed) automatically after they are over a year old. I don’t mean deleted since some have useful content. I see a lot of old threads pulled up by spammers for self-promotion or external links, so locking them would stop that. I also see old threads pulled by new folks who are looking for help. They find a thread from 2013 (for example) which is no longer accurate and they complain.

If old threads were closed to comments and with the date changed to a red font, helpers could still use the accurate ones for a reference but without a bunch of new spam or “good tips” comments or replies from those who don’t notice the date.

Reply to @kjblynx: I agree. I don’t think any thread that has usefulness should be removed from search. I think threads over a year old should be locked so that new replies can’t be added. I totally agree about pinned and highlighted posts. Some threads keep getting bumped up and would make great stickies even if they don’t need further comments added.

They end up having to be bumped with “good advice” or “thanks” because people still need to read them and once someone bumps them, inevitably someone else promotes their gig or posts a link to their gig asking for people to check it for problems. If they were pinned they would be there for everyone to read instead of ending up with spam stuck on them.

I could also see re-opening an occasional old thread for new discussion if there was a good reason for it, but an admin could alter the date stamp so the thread would be re-opened for comments until it hit the new auto-lock date.