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Old user trying to break the barriers

Hello, I am new to Fiverr although I opened my account in 2017 but since then I couldn’t understand how Fiverr works. I am now back, I have created my gigs of which I am getting views, impressions and clicks. I don’t understand them that much but I hope with time I will. I am a website developer as well as a data entry expert.


Hey, that’s my story too! I joined fiverr 2011 (as a buyer) but it took me years before I came back as a seller.I still managed to get lots of orders and I am now a level 2 seller. Just keep implementing what you learn from the forum and the orders will start trickling in. Good luck!

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Wouw, thanks for the encouragement. I will keep pressing on.


Welcome back. Cheers to sales and more sales

Hello @jepkemoikimz! Looks like most of us are trying to revamp old accounts. I wish us success on the platform.

And welcome!:+1:

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Thank you. I am hoping for the best.

Let’s keep pressing on.



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