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Older buyer request had gone. Why?

Hi, I’m a new seller. I have a question, when I see a buyer request and at that time refresh Again then older buyer request had gone. Why?
It’s means buyer got the seller like mind?

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Fiverr allows only 10 sellers from each level to reply to each Buyer Request.

Therefore, since so many level 0 and 1 sellers depend on Buyer Requests to get started on Fiverr there are many sellers from these levels replying to each BR, which means they disappear fast.


This happens quite often with every seller. Once you refresh, 10 more requests appear then again you refresh, 6-8 requests are gone.

It keeps appearing then disappearing.

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Thank you so much for sharing information. One more question. Any problem in account If I create a buyer request for a test just because i have many confusion. @vickiespencer

Thank you so much. :innocent: @mariayasir

My experience is that if you see buyer advertising in buyer request, DON’T refresh your page until you have sent your requests. They don’t stay there long!


If you are saying you want to make a Buyer Request to apply for work, do not do that. It is against Fiverr’s TOS for sellers to create a Buyer Request. If you do so, your accoun could get a warning.

If you are saying you want to send an offer to Buyer Request that is okay. Be sure your offer tells the buyer what you can do for them.

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Thanks for letting me know. :heart_eyes:

Thanks for sharing your experience. :innocent: @teachernita