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Oldest Gig?


Post your gig stat, who has the oldest gig here on fiverr ?

Here is my gig…

Gig Information

Published 06 Feb 11


Out of my gigs which are active:

Published 22 Nov 10


Reply to @madmoo: Hope it’s not the same spaghetti, hehehe…


Reply to @madmoo: Would be good to have a date joined on the profile page as for the life of me cant remember…


23 Nov 12

ahhhh I feel like a new born baby


Reply to @princemaxx: The time will fly by… best of luck…


Reply to @jeffmoses: Thanks, good luck to you too!


Reply to @madmoo: Yep, Joined Fiverr over x years ago is pretty broad :wink:


Reply to @madmoo: Yes, it is amazing indeed.

I thank the person who spammed my inbox with links to his fiverr service, on youtube - that’s how I came to know about fiverr.