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OMG cant believe how checky some sellers are


I have tried to get someone to do me an image, should be simple for a professional YES… Well I have 3 people now claim things that they just cant do. all the skills they say they have seem to be missing after I have ordered. I was so fed up with wasting my time trying to find someone. I did the image myself, I’m no photoshop expert but I think My image is so much better than the 2 designers creations. anyway needed to rant…

Anyone else had issues like this?

Oh and ps let me know if you wanna see what I had to contend with and I will put the images up.


can I see them… and details…


I would love to know what you asked for, and what they delivered in return.


That’s why you should always contact the seller first. It may not change the fact that they can’t do it but at least you won’t waste your time waiting on an order that won’t be completed and the seller’s cancellation ratio will be unaffected.