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OMG I Canceled an order by mistake

Hello Fiverrs.

pleace I canceled an order by a mistake , I want to extend the time for one day but I canceled it .

Please help.

Thank you.
Best kinds.


This post may be helpful to you: Mistaken Butten pressed at order cancel?


If buyer not accepted the cancellation yet, Then you can
request to buyer for denies the mutual cancellation request…


Hi @mezomc
Order is not canceled, technically you sent the cancel request to your buyer, it will cancel only once he accepts so if he did not accept you can withdraw your cancel request and inform your buyer that you did this by mistake thats it.

No need to worry.

Thank you

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@mezomc oh you can withdraw it as soon as possible if the buyer hasn’t accepted it. If he has, I’m sorry it would decrease your completion rate. You can aswell explain to your buyer so he/she can place another order.

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you just sent cancellation request, if your accept it, then it will be canceled ,
you can text your buyer and tell your mistake
or you can contact with support

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He accept the cancelation too , then I see it is not for extand but its a cancelation. I have send a message to support he did not answered yet. :confused:

Helpful thanks you so much

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