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OMG, I get my First Buyer to cry!


How touched she gets what she wants.

I really don’t believe it has made her cry.

I get a nice buyer in the first place, I am very glad she is so appreciative of my work.

It became a very pleasant start working on Fiverr.

Thank you very much Fiverr. :’) @};-


All of my buyers want to cry after spending time with me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply to @fonthaunt: aw, that really nice! haha… will you spending time with me ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply to @alindavelist: I was really teasing that I make them cry in a bad way instead of the good way your buyer meant. Sometimes my fingers run away with my keyboard. I really am glad your buyer was happy!


Reply to @fonthaunt: yeah, I am very glad my buyer love my work. Very nice to have your typed. Thank you :slight_smile: I hope you are not going to ask for $ 5 from your typing :smiley: hehe…


Reply to @alindavelist: Nope, you win tge discount of the day. Free typing!


Reply to @fonthaunt: wow, it turns out I was very lucky! haha… thx