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OMG ! I Just clicked on a paused button and I don't find a link to reactivate it, any ideas?

How do I reactivate my gig, it was paused accidentally.
Here is my gig

Visit the profile. You will see “Active” gigs and “Paused” gigs. You will find the gig in the “Paused section.” Activate it by hovering on your gig. Simple. :slight_smile:


As our mate said, go to your profile, check your gigs. Click on paused gig and you will find it

I don’t find where to click

here is a snapshot again

Click on the “Select” option and then you will see the Active option.

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Hello friend, I don’t have that option?

Contact CS! They will help you.

I messaged them, early 4 hours.But no response, I know they will respond, but I am quite nervous that my gig would go down in search engine.I really did a great mistake.

Yep, your search ranking is gone. I am sure about that!

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That’s what I was hoping, It would be better if they shut down the new (user interface, from the profile)

Go to “Selling” - “Gigs” - "Paused"
Or there should be on your profile - “Active gigs” and “Paused”

sorry, But it won’t work. i tried every way

Then maybe you deleted your gig suddenly?

I can see… Its pAUSED! (Click on the Gig link)