OMG! I've seen first time


It is not photoshopped.
71 order in queue.
My max was 6 orders in queue.
Tell me yours


wooooooowwwwwww…!!! amazing !!


My max 80, last year in my BEST SELLER GIG.


I’ve had over 30 orders in my queue at one point. Sales come and go. Sometimes you have a lot, other times you are able to clear out your orders. There are many factors that determine how many orders a seller receives, and those factors aren’t the same for everyone.


:hushed: OMG its 70 order!


I deliver in 24 hours usually so I don’t have a lot in a queue. I don’t like having them back up like that. I have a low setting on how many orders I can have on each gig at one time.



waoooo… amazing. mine is 20 maximum. but i deliver it ASAP.


71 orders on one gig…too tough to manage…it will be a busy month ahead for you so Best of luck. DO well.


I had 10 max last month… :slight_smile:


I am great fan of yours.
You are my inspiration.


Thank you, and success. :grinning:


Wow really amazing brother


I think the max I have had is 15.

Which is actually a lot for me because of the amount of work that goes into one.