OMG. Just realized that I've made over $20k from Fiverr till date - YAY :)


I was just reading this thread where someone was asking how much you’ve made on Fiverr and I thought I shud check my stats too - I only check when I withdraw payments, usually.

Well for most its not much, but for me, it looks like an achievement really :slight_smile: People are earning MUCH more on Fiverr but still I am happy with my earrings. I know I’ve been around for forever - literally so my pm avg would be low but I am just thrilled to cross this milestone.

Now, will aim for $30k :wink: Lets see how long it takes me to get there.!


That is awesome, now are scratching your head and wondering where it all went???


Haha. Not really… I know exactly where it all went - shopping, shopping and then some more shopping :wink:


Congratulations, it’s great to see a fellow seller succeed to such a degree, good for you :slight_smile:


How long did it take? How many hours a day/week do you put in?


Reply to simplyjo: hahaha yeah I hear ya


Reply to @adnagam: well I’ve been on fiverr since they started really… quite a while, eh ? I dont put in a set no of hours … it all depends on # of orders :slight_smile:




Wow. Awesome, Jo!


Hi Jo, how many profiles do you have? Your simplyjo profile is level 2 - I don’t understand how your earnings can be so high please explain why this is not reflected in your profiles seller level.


Wow that’s a lot of money 20k! Congrats!


Are you use magic spells to do that?


Reply to @siriusdogstar: Hi. Just 1 profile. I was a top rated seller. I got a demotion due to some misunderstanding (regd using my own website in samples etc ). It got sorted but my top rated seller rating was lost for good :frowning: I was disappointed for a while but when I saw the sales never stopped, I didnt really care.

Basically, the key was to join early. I joined when they started off so my gigs were featured almost instantly - no competition and a LOT of traffic :wink:

Also a level 1 seller can sell more gigs then a top rated seller even. I have seen newbies selling gigs like hot cakes as well. Levels are not a determination of revenues/ gigs sold - More of feedbacks/ quality of work/ gig uniqueness and several other factors.


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Yay :slight_smile: Nice to know you “Jo” :wink:


Reply to @sirtiman: Haha. I wish ! But really this is not much. I’ve been on Fiverr since years… I see people making MUCH more in a few months or less !


This is great news. $7K to 10K a year is really a substantial impact to a household! Keep it up.


Reply to @anarchofighter: Thanks buddy though this is just the total I withdrew from Fiverr till now… This does not include my business costs (around 30%). Domain/hosting/ backlinks/website to drive my services and share samples on Fiverr/my expert team of editors etc…Oh and not to forget PP fees/conversion charges.


I have already earned $7k from last 365 days.


Great going seo5rr - this is what I call “real” money =)


Reply to @simplyjo: When I’m not focused on gig delivery, I’m going to take a look at what you do. Those costs seem higher than I’d hope you have. I hope you don’t mind if I “nose” around?