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OMG. Just realized that I've made over $20k from Fiverr till date - YAY :)


haha. sure why not :slight_smile: Yup the costs go up when you outsource (to an extent)/promote your biz.


I wonder what your on now or if you even made it to the year 2015 on Fiverr Ver.3


Congratulations :slight_smile:


Congratulations!! That’s amazing!! Sooo… stupid question. How do you see your overall revenue? I’ve been trying to find the right way to do that and I haven’t yet.


Reply to @rachelbostwick:

My sales -> Analytics

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Reply to @dukanu: That’s what I figured, but my “have become richer” number only equals the amount I haven’t withdrawn yet. Are people just multiplying orders by average?


At my sales -> revenues you can see all you need.

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Reply to @rachelbostwick: My “You became $… richer since joining Fiverr!” number on the Analytics page has the total amount since I started fiverr 4 months ago. Does yours not keep adding up?


Congratulations! This is a great milestone to reach! You are a great inspiration :smiley:


Reply to @writerlisaz: It does until I withdraw money to my Fiverr card, then it goes down again. Is it not supposed to do that? It always reflects the dollar amount that’s available to withdraw plus currently pending release. Is it NOT supposed to do that? I always thought it was weird that it said how much richer I’ve become when it’s not that at all.


Reply to @rachelbostwick: That is weird. I only use Paypal so don’t know if the Fiverr card makes a difference, but I would think it would be the total since starting here. Maybe ask CS?