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OMG! New Fiverr search Layout!

Hey Doers,
Eid Mubarak to everyone out there. On this big day, I just observed a big change on Fiverr.
I just typed logo in the Fiverr Search bar and I see a totally NEW layout. (See attached screenshot)

Now it shows lifetime reviews and last 60 days reviews automatically without hovering over the reviews.

Secondly, it shows all the images you added in your Gig. That makes the search page very very long and you can keep scrolling down and down and it it keeps loading more and more gigs with all their gig images… See second screenshot attached

I love how Fiverr present the reviews now but I don’t really know the idea of showing all the 3-5 images of each gig that make it hard to view a couple of gigs in a glance. Also, if you gig was appearing at the end of first page, now the buyer will have to scroll down at least for 2 minutes to reach the gigs that were showing at the end of first page. Just imagine, how long it would take them to reach 5th page? :scream:

Do you see these changes on your end? and what are your thoughts regarding this update?



I think that in case the idea of wasting people’s time was to keep people on the site longer, it won’t work and that people will bounce like crazy. So if I didn’t already close the tab because it looks as if Fiverr is a low-traffic unpopular site and managed to figure out that a seller showing just 3 reviews might have hundreds or thousands and is on the site since 5 years, now I also need to scroll through loads of pictures I don’t want to see? Makes… sense. I really hope they make a u-turn on those two things, I can’t see that ending well.

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I also noticed that you can search by location as well now! It’s very useful and I have had clients reach out to me because I am in the same country as them. Really useful change.

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Does it promote racism? For example, people from US will get the things done from US sellers and so on…

The opportunity to work with people in the same or similar time zone?

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Yes, that’s also an important factor. But I guess it would lower sales for some of the Asian sellers as majority of buyers are from US and if they want to hire persons from US only and want to work with people with same time zone, this can result in a clear drop in the sales of sellers from people other than US as an example.
On a lighter note, I also work on other freelancing platforms and buyers don’t often set location specific requirements so it may or may not create a big difference.

I don’t think it’s racism. I do product photography and people have to send me their products, I have been getting more people from my location as it is easier to send it within the same country. I also offer translation in French Canadian which is different than French from France for example, so Canadians or companies that work with clients in Canada would be more likely to look for my services in that sense.

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In my view its not like racism. In my view there are many Buyers from US that tend to hire Asian sellers so it may can increase your sales too.

:arrow_up: I am worried that this might lead to several sellers disguising their location and make it seem like they are from the US or w/e country they think will give them the advantage.

However, I do realize that they may come across troubles while trying to withdraw any revenue they might have earned – from Fiverr into their bank account.

Also, when it comes to categories such as writing/editing/proofreading, based on the work they get back from those sellers, I am sure that the buyers will be able to tell if the seller is fakin it or not. This could also lead to those sellers garnering negative reviews.

Can’t agree with this. That feature was implemented way back and more than 90% of my clients are from the US. I’m from Sri Lanka by the way.

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Not really… For example on Upwork you can post a job that’s only available for a certain region… (Just from europe, or just from asia)

my search layout is not changed its like previous one.can someone tell me why its not change for me i think fiverr are busy in making modification in site on daily base its effects sellers are buyers both but i didn’t understand what fiverr want to make from his site…

i think @muhammadfaheem0 have a internet connection issue

This got out of hand pretty quickly. Most likely what happened is that the ‘style’ didn’t load properly. Just refresh your browser/app.

Yes i think your webpage does not load properly. try again with private browser mode.