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OMG... Now I'm a Level 3 seller 😲 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ya. Its the number of completed order also.

Don’t lose hope and Keep up the good work. Use buyers request section and send offers.

Hope you will get be Level 1 soon

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i loose when i find crap post on fiverr forum.

Thank you so much,bro! Waiting for new year.

I hope you didn´t ruin your chances to keep your level come Jan 15 with this topic.






Can any one please tell me… how i promote my gigs?

I think its done by using the “Inspect Element” feature rather than MS Paint.

Congrats dear!!! :joy::joy::joy:

All I want for Christmas is my level 3 badge :yum:

Congratulation. I pray the new level gives you multiple sales.

AH,… how is this possible,…

It is not possible at all. Just a Quick Fix using inspect element.

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I thought it was real :slight_smile: Poor me :frowning:

Wow!!..Congrats… :wink: :sweat_smile:

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Thank you so Much @rafabg3d :rofl::rofl:

woo superb keep it up

Best of Luck

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sooo what? I’m already a level 10 seller!! :open_mouth: what . … . :scream: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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Very Nice Congratulations.

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