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OMG , Today I got more than 16 Buyer request offers

I’m shocked really. Thanks

:thinking: Lol, :smile: most people have been complaining today that the have :zero: Buyer Requests today! :flushed:

I think you must have somehow got theirs! :scream: Be careful, they may want them back :wink:


:joy::joy::joy: great

yes same here what’s going on ?

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People are fed up with seeing 0 and you got 16! your luck is good @muhammadzaryab7

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It is a Fiverr :bug:

I got 12 offers more after ending 16 offers

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What! :scream_cat: you got to send more than 10 offers today?

Oh, my, that is another Fiverr :bug: because each person is only supposed to be able to send ten!

You better hide, because soon other sellers will be pounding on your :door: asking you to share! :grimacing:

this is prove you can see 12 offers left

Wow that’s great to get all of that!!

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Thanks a lot

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