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On a hunt for that elusive first sale; please help!

Hello guys, I’m Gilbert, a new Fiverr seller.

Almost one month after creating the two gigs on my profile – screenwriting and songwriting, I’m yet to make my first sale.

On a hunt for that elusive first sale, I’ve read a lot of articles – on the Fiverr forum, and the rest of the internet – including this very helpful topic by @misscrystal.
From all the information I’ve gathered, two suggestions keep coming up.

  1. My gigs need reviews
  2. My gigs and profile need to better optimized

The first option is out of my hands unless I want to cheat. I don’t like cheating.

I think my gigs and profile are well-optimized, but I have no experience as a Fiverr seller, so maybe my understanding of what constitutes a well-optimized gig is inadequate, and so I need help from the community.

Please go over my gigs and profile, and let me know if there’s anything I’m doing wrong. I’ll be genuinely grateful to anyone who offers any suggestions that lead me to my first sale.

Warm regards,

PS. I’ve attached an image of my gigs overview page. For some reason, the songwriting gig has been stuck on those numbers since the first/second day.

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Your Gigs seem well put together, for the most part, but…

…as much I hate to say it, your prices are quite restrictive for a new seller. I have no doubt, based on your songwriting samples for instance, that you are talented. I won’t lie to you, however, and say that prospective buyers won’t be turned off by your prices relative to your status.


I agree with @jovanibrown. Think you need to reduce your prices until you move up the levels.

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@jovanibrown @lloydsolutions thanks for the suggestion guys. I’ll review the prices.

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I got my second order yesterday.

My Advice
You have to go out and search for your first few buyers.

I used to think it was just about posting a gig and properly optimizing it, and then the buyers will flock out. That was until I’d waited one month with no order to show for it.

Then I started using the buyer requests section.

  1. Responded to requests that related to my gig.
  2. Turned my disadvantage into an advantage :wink:
  3. Made sure to understand what the buyer required and offered it to them.
  4. Being in open competition with other sellers, it made sense to offer some incentives.
  5. Proofread for grammatical errors.

Then I got my first buyer. The same process got me my second buyer yesterday.
Let’s see just how effective it’ll be in the coming weeks/months, hopefully I keep updating this.


Hmm, that’s interesting. I shall implement that the next time I send an offer.

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If we are referring to the same thing :thinking: then I hope it works out for you too :slightly_smiling_face:

@gilbertbaci Way to make it happen! Best wishes on your growing success!

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Lower prices, like everyone said, and Buyer Requests! I can’t tell you how many sales I scored just through that.

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