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On an otherwise \'unhappy\' day

I get this ‘gem’ in my inbox. I am going to be laughing for the rest of the day now!

“Ryan we would like to make you a deal for 100 articles per month and pay you monthly say 50 Dollars would you be able to consider this for us?”

maybe they forgot to add a digit or two :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope. He, literally, wanted it for $50 because it was a ‘bulk order’. He tried to budge. I said no. Now he is paying the full price.

Did he order it for the full price now? Just be careful taking an order that large… you know. People like that would find a way to get their way in the end.

I had a guy wanted me to do a 3D animated short movie for pre-production for $5 and $10 I was like you do realize that just rendering alone would take months without a farm. Some people want it all for nothing. (Not mentioning the countless hours of animating, sculpting, rigging, lighting, texturing) but that’s okay cause he wanted it for $10 lol. Its like can’t run away fast enough from people like that.

He is a regular customer, so I have worked with him before, I can trust him (thankfully).