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On Being "Unprofessional"

Every time I’m dealing with an unreasonable person, they toss out that word. “You are so UNPROFESSIONAL!” And I just laugh my little buns off.

For example: a buyer sent me a message in the middle of the night, asking whether or not I was capable of writing a bunch of blog posts for her financial advising firm. Well, it says right on my gig that I don’t write about financial topics, but because I didn’t respond immediately (I actually do sleep at night, despite what my parents think), she just went ahead and ordered a bunch of gigs without waiting for my response. Whatever, the topics weren’t that complicated and when I asked for clarification about some of the topics, she got back to me pretty quickly with enough info.

She then asked me how long the blogs would take to write. I took a break from working to make my schedule so I could tell her. She needed them sooner than I had originally planned (which still would have been ten days before the gigs were due according to the countdown clock) and she offered to pay me an additional $30 in order to get the order faster. Okay, sure. I’ll just shuffle some of my long-term stuff, not that big of a deal. And that’s where the communication stopped, five days ago. The last message I got from her was, "And when you’re done, send them to this email address:"

I sent a message back letting her know I couldn’t contact her outside of Fiverr, but that I would upload them in a zip folder so they would be easy for her to download and that I would watch for the expedited fee. Nothing for two days. I send her another message, this time through the PM system. Wait another day. Send the same message on the order page and through the PM system. Two days ago, I send her a message to let her know that if I don’t see the extra funds by today, I’m just going to cancel the order (didn’t include this next bit in the message to her) as I am 1) not going to give her expedited service for free and 2) not going to work on and deliver a whole mess of blog posts according to my original schedule when that’s sure to get me a negative rating. Plus, I’m moving in about ten days and don’t really have the time to be stressed about her order.

She doesn’t respond to that message, either. So here it is, doomsday, and I request a cancellation. Well, apparently that message somehow got through, because she jumps on not even a half hour after I request it, to berate me for being so “unprofessional” as to cancel an order six days after she placed it, when I know she needs to content in the next couple of days! Well, if it was so important to you, why didn’t you answer one of my FIVE messages about this order, including the one where I told you I was going to cancel this order!? Or add the expedited fee you volunteered to add to the order five days ago!? Yeah, I’m the one being unprofessional.

For the record: it is unprofessional to request a cancellation six days after an order is placed, I know that. But when there are real, paying customers being pushed back and inconvenienced by someone who can’t be bothered to answer one of five contact attempts or actually pay for what she’s requested, I don’t really have any other options. I am not going to deliver an order that I know she is going to be unsatisfied with or mess up my entire week trying to cater to someone who obviously doesn’t care about my time. I’m not in the business of delivering work or work on a timeline that I know the buyer is going to be displeased with.

Anyway, rant over.

TL;DR: It makes me laugh when someone who has ignored five of my attempt to contact them has the gall to call me “unprofessional” because I want to refund their money.

I do the same thing when I can’t get a necessary clarification. Just send a cancellation request and suddenly the message seems to magically go through. Imagine that.

I know the feeling. My gigs are set on 2 days (I dont need more as orders dropped and stuff like that)…

Anyway, someone orders, I am waiting 24 hours with multiply messages, I am waiting another 12 hours, nothing, and when I need to go to bed and want to cancel order, suddenly there is a buyer, asking why.

I guess when you hit cancellation, little Fairy comes to them and says “Seller wants to cancel order, go to fiverr and say, Why and You are so unprofessional.”