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On delivering again after modifications, will buyer can access previous sent deliveries?

If I deliver work again like some files after the modifications done which the buyer requested. And then at the final time, I send partial files which were needed to be modified, Will the buyer still can access all the previous work delivered? As I delivered partial files for the final time, Is it ok for the buyer to access all the previous files delivered without watermark? As in the end, the order was marked as complete.


I worked with a buyer and sent her all the files which were about 20. After that, she asked me to modify 4-5 files and deliver the work again. Then I modified those files and sent only those 4-5 files to the buyer. After that, she accepted my work, and the order was marked as completed. Can she access all the previous deliveries without a watermark? (Like other 15-16 files which I delivered before revision)


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You need to put the files into a folder and Zip that folder and send it as a Zip file

Yes, she will have access to it if it was uploaded and you can check if you can see it or not.

Never submit a file before making sure it is the right file.

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Thanks for replying, So I dont need to send those files making a Zip as she can access all the previous deliveries without watermark when order delivery is accepted? (According to you)