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On extras, images and videos, new seller here

Hi, i’m about to create my very first gigs (animated characters), but i need some information about creating and publishing a gig before making errors.
I couldn’t find the answer to these questions in the forum, so please help me, it would be very appreciated:

  1. As a new seller, i read that you can add 2 gig extras per gig (priced at “5 , 10, 20$”). But i don’t understand if this is the total amount, or if “standard” extras are excluded. For example: can i have 2 custom extras, the commercial use, the fast delivery and the source file included simultaneously ? Or would these count as 5 extras and hence not allowed ?

  2. I need the buyer to send me reference pictures. I know you can have this as a requirement while ordering, and make it mandatory. Is it limited to 1 file only, or can you allow the buyer to send more than 1 file ?

  3. Is it a good idea to mention the package prices (in $) in the gig video ? I’m asking since this may confuse potential buyers who are not using USD.

Thank you very much