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On Fiverr For a Month, Still No Orders

Hello! I’ve been on Fiverr for nearly a month, but I still don’t have any orders. I have 3 gigs, but all of them have very few clicks. My voice over gig has over 200 impressions but only 8 clicks. I have pictures and have even sent offers on buyers requests. How do I get more clicks and finally get orders?


You wont get orders on your voice over gig until you improve your demo.

It’s difficult to make good samples when I haven’t gotten any orders to take from. Anyway, I’ve updated my gig and changed my demos. I’d appreciate if you could check my gig again and give some advice on how to get clicks.

First demo video = no audio.

Thumbnails = they’re not cutting it.

Second video = the noise in the background is still there.

I didn’t bother with any more.

I disagree, there’s almost unlimited material out there to make a demo from but it’s your room which is the biggest issue: it’s too loud, the humming noise is audible behind the spoken word.

Noise gates only highlight the problem.

Sort your recording environment out first, that’s the most important link in the chain for quality voice over, everything else like microphones, technique and skills follow after that.

In fact, you don’t even need a good mic, or that many skills, if you’ve a clean recording environment and a buyer likes your voice they’ll hire you, you can have the world’s greatest training, some serious skills and not get booked if your studio quality isn’t good enough.

VO, such a funny little world…

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