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On Fiverr from a long time but not a single order

I have been on Fiverr for a long time now in Graphics Designing (Basically Logo Creating) and Video Editing and haven’t received a single order yet. I regularly send offers in Buyers requests with the lowest possible price, and almost sent 100 requests now but not a single order. I receive orders from other platforms and have successfully satisfied many customers.
But I don’t what is wrong I’m doing here or what actually the matter is?
Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

Muhammad Ali Khan


hi, try to keep online more time and share your gig on social media most of the time, hope its help you to get order and must send buyer request daily.

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I have tried that as well keeping the fiverr on my PC and Mobile but still results were not different than before.

You need to improve the quality of your gigs.

Your video editing gig starts with a black screen with white text that looks made on windows movie maker. Then it moves to some random league of legends clip with no editing. Then, out of nowhere, to a template logo animation of a subpar logo. It’s just not professional in the least.

You have no portfolio to show, your titles and copy are weak and weird (" I will create a unique logo for you and animate it for you" - why are you repeating “for you”? You don’t even need to mention it once, that’s obvious. Why not call it “I will create and animate a unique logo”?), and you have no reviews to give you social proof. There are far more appealing options to get a logo or an edit done, so why would anyone order from you?

To sum it up, you are not getting orders because you aren’t offering an appealing service.


Thanks, I made that intro on Adobe After Effects, I don’t what white text you are talking about its just a black screen then LA (LOGO ) emerging from a resonating kind of current.
I will post a better professional video but my main focus is the Logo, u said i do not have reviews but how do I earn reviews ? I share my gigs in my community more often i actually don’t know how to get reviews on my gig when I have no orders completed.

I’m talking about this video -

“It all started from here”. Do you think that looks good?

You don’t have reviews because your gigs don’t look appealing, I already explained. Nobody is going to order from someone with no reviews if what they are offering doesn’t look good. The only way to get your first reviews is to offer something that is more appealing to the buyer than the competition that does have reviews.

Sharing a gig on a community will not help, at all, if people see the gig and are not impressed. And your gigs are not impressive.

As for the intro, you say you made it in After Effects, and that may be true. But did you do it completely yourself, from zero? Because it looks like some envato template, to be honest.

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No, the editing in the Video is made with Movavi Video Suit 2020, at first I thought you are talking about my intro to the LA logo that one I made from Adobe After Effects.
After what you said now I feel weird to look at it again but no worries I have my youtube channel and many editing samples I will post a recent best one I have

Well, I would look into making a much better video for the video editing gig, and a better video for the logo animation gig (more than one sample, and something that looks less like a template).

You should also improve the gig titles, as I mentioned above, they don’t sound professional.

I would also advise you to use professional grade applications if you want to be taken seriously as a professional video editor. Premiere, Final Cut, Resolve, maybe Vegas. Not movavi anything lol

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OK I understand, all I need to do now is to impove my gigs

Exactly. Your gigs are your storefront. They must look as good as you can make them, since that’s what clients will see to decide if they want to hire you or not.

Nothing else matters as much - being online, buyer requests, sharing gigs, etc. It’s all pointless unless your gigs look good.


Tell me something more about my Logo Gig:

Thanks, I’m on my way to improve.

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Be patient and work hard you will definitely get the order :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s a bit confusing. Are you offering to design a logo, or to animate a logo? They are two totally different services - Logo design and Logo animation.

The logo animation part, if you did it yourself in AE without using a template, is pretty good. However, the logos you have on display in the gig images are pretty bad. Are you a motion graphic designer or a logo designer?

If you are a motion graphics designer, I would advise you to animate some good logos (don’t have to be designed by you, since what you’re selling is the animation itself, not the logo design) to show your skills. Just be sure to have permission from the copyright owner, or use a royalty free logo.

I can do both, I named the title like this while keeping in mind that i can make a logo for a customer and if he wants to make him an intro or outro out of it.

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That’s terrible advice. If things are not working, you should improve, otherwise nothing guarantees you’ll ever “get the order.” Hard work means nothing, what matters is the results. If you work hard and have nothing good to show for it, it’s pointless.

That’s a bad idea, it would be better to separate that into two gigs - one for logo design, another for logo animation. The logos on your gig are pretty weak, so people won’t be interested.

Okay, I will separate them and your advice of using a royalty-free logo for making intros and outros seems very helpful thanks

Yeah, focus on your strengths. You can be a bad logo designer and a good logo animator. If you combine the two, the bad logo will harm the overall look, so even if you are a great animator it won’t look great. However, you can still do great work if the client sends you their logo to animate. So focus on that.


Hope you will get an order soon.Be patience & Wish you all the best :heart: