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******* on fiverr is a fraud! - do not use ********


******* on fiverr is a fraud! - do not use *********

yesterday I posted a job to obtain a logo for a lawyer, I gave specific instructions, I paid immediately. I asked questions that were never answered… and I was called “dear” multiple times.

i was given a logo for proud police uncle, wht the heck is that?

****** IS NOT who they say they are. I was given a logo for “proud police uncle” for a request for a logo for a lawyer. who in the heck and what is “proud police uncle”?

what a freaking joke.

DO NOT USE ever!!!

the lawyer logo provided is attached… what a joke!

the logo URL - lol what a joke!

Maybe they sent the wrong logo? The dear is a bit of a giveaway that this is probably a testy, bitter person from the Indian subcontinent. As is the busty blonde profile pic, the “oXFORD” university degree of “graphic arts” (Oxford Brookes have one though, but that’s like the crappy Oxford Uni–if you’re Oxbridge, it’s going to be Fine Arts obvs).

A little research would have saved you a lot of time. Also, you’re breaking forum rules. It is patently obvious that you went for cheap and nasty. Just get a refund and/or report to Customer Support. And maybe research your next purchase better.

Hello Emmaki,

yeah I did go for the nasty, you are correct… only because I sent a refund cancellation request that was greeted with a picture of a post it note that said “sorry” and “ok dear”… and the cancellation was rejected… only until i sent a second cancellation request did they accept!

not only that… but my account was given a 16 dollar credit here at fiver. i will be dammed if i pay cash and do not get a CASH refund. why in the world would I want credit from fiverr?

then to clarify further I opened a fraud dispute at paypal as this is the only way to resolve my issue now… as i wiill NOT accept this bogus credit when I paid cash!

so yes, you will get “nasty” when nasty is due. especially when the profile is a bogus fake profile and fiverr allows tat to occur. period end of story fiverr failed miserably.

P.S> if you think this is nasty… if I don’t get my $16 back a lawsuit will ensue! we are lawyers. good day to you all!

and just to clarify, they didn’t send the wrong logo…I asked before I asked for a refund.


i want to point out, if you are a seller here… you sir should be just as dissapointed as I am that fiverr lets this occur… as it affects you too.

pointing out names on your forum is the only way to get a resolution to an ongoing sad issue that fiverr is also a fraud… do you want to remove your name from this post as well? FIVERR IS A FRAUD!!! DO NOT USE!!!

sad but true, you have a user with a fake profile touting they are from the UK, and its sad because most of your sellers ARE NOT whole they say they are…

idiots, all of you!


Don’t get nasty, we’ll get our Proud Police Uncles on you. - Sorry couldn’t resist.

More seriously, there is no doubt that you have received extremely shoddy service here. Also, you are correct, every seller like this makes the entire platform suffer in terms of reputability. Sadly, however, for every seller like this, there are also unscrupulous buyers who constantly attempt to get free work or slander sellers who will not work for $5 to complete excessive amounts of work.

In this case, calling out either buyers or sellers on the forum by name is not permitted. If it was, it would demand an entire extra set of full-time people to go though every such complaint to ascertain it’s validity or not.

Thankfully, what you can do is open a ticket with Fiverr Customer Service. If as you suspect, your seller was logging in from a false IP address, this in itself could land them in hot water. However, Fiverr will also take your complaint regarding the quality of your work very seriously also.

That said, as far as suing Fiverr goes, if you decide to do this, you might want to think about venting your frustration a little more civilly here first. The amount which you have paid, is after all, due to be refunded as per Fiverrs terms of service (as credit and as you agreed to any refund being paid when you signed up). In like regard, if you have opened a paypal dispute, there shouldn’t be a problem with you getting your money back as cash.

Sorry you had this experience. Please don’t take this out of context though, and mentally align Fiverr with the center of all evil in the universe. This kind of thing happens occasionally with any online transaction. In fact, I just lost $20 on Ebay and am similarly peeved. I’m just not quite sure that I’m ready to start suing anyone or start a one man crusade to bring down Ebay, even though unlike you, I haven’t got my money back yet.

if I don’t get my $16 back a lawsuit will ensue! we are lawyers.

If you sue to get your $16 back how will you deal with the terms of service that say you get your refund in the form of a fiverr credit?

LMAO well as lawyers you should know to ALWAYS read the TOS first before blindly ordering anything without doing any research first? Cheers for the laugh. :stuck_out_tongue:

aaaaand just like that, he’s gone… POOF.

I bet if the lawyer shows up at Fiverr HQ demanding $16 in cash, they’ll be glad to hand it over just because they feel a little bad for the cost of his plane ticket to Israel. I don’t think they’ll insist on carrying out the lawsuit when an ex-buyer has come to visit personally. When I was in Tel Aviv the people were really nice so they’ll probably even pitch in for a cab back to the airport. The rest of us may be just evil sellers, but I think it’ll work. Even though his account has been banned, probably over the PayPal dispute, I’d give him another $20 just to watch him storm the building waving a clipboard.

This gave me the best laugh of the day! :smiley:

so OP’s account was removed because of paypal dispute ? :expressionless:

No. I think he deleted his own account.

Oh, that’s a shame. He was primo meltdown material.

YUP! they took my account away because I opened a paypal dispute… and demanded via email and on site notice i cancel my paypal dispute. that is against the TOS of paypal… so yes we have a leg to stand on when suing the seller and fiverr…

I most certainly DID NOT… they did it due to me opening a paypal dispute.

this is a screenshot of this disgusting message…

yeah well sir, I would never delete my account… they blocked it. due to me opening a paypal dispute.

FYI to all…here is the shitty email Fiverr sent to me after opening the dispute…

Hello bionicclick,

PayPal informed us of a dispute your filed for order ‘#######’: ‘design a elegant logo within few hours’ (ordered from *********).

Our dedicated Customer Support ( team can assist you with any payment issues or unsatisfactory service from your seller, so please close your dispute via PayPal, and follow-up with our team.

We look forward to helping you.

The Fiverr Team

FYI it is against the paypal terms of service to ask that we close our disputes and deal with you directly… although paypal does want amicable resolutions… they cannot make me do a damn thing with my own paypal. I gave Fiverrr the opportunity to give me a refund, they refused twice.