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******* on fiverr is a fraud! - do not use ********

glad to know now they are Israel based… last time I use this service.

and WOW your a Fiverr admin and this is what you post, how stupid are you? you must be from Israel…

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also, glad to know that they moved my post from the "fiver experience forum… to the ranting pot…

how professional!!!

LOL…what’s Proud Police Uncle? OP has every right to be angry, but has to cool down.

Oh dear.

I was right about the primo meltdown material!

LOL…so it’s Israel’s fault?

As lawyers, if you are in the USA, an attorney’s time is worth $500 an hour or more.
How many hours would it take you to prepare, file and follow up on the lawsuit? Did you get a $16 fiverr credit?

Can you even win a lawsuit when the issue is largely something that you agreed to when signing up for a service (whether you read the TOS or not)? Besides, an international lawsuit over $16 is…

…well, ya know.

I lose that much every day on average in one way or another.

A few thoughts:

  1. You claim to be a lawyer and complain about everyone on Fiverr and Fiverr staff being unprofessional, yet you constantly use improper forum etiquette, curse, and rage instead of calmly resolving the issue.

  2. You got an absolutely horrible experience, but it does seem like it could have gone smoother if you had done some basic research like reading the sellers bio, etc.

  3. All of us sellers here feel your pain, but we really can’t relate to your reaction. A lawsuit over $16? Your time as a lawyer is worth more than that. At $500 an hour, you can only afford to spend 2 minutes fixing this issue until it is costing you more than you lost.

  4. I really hope that you resolve your issue. No really, no sarcasm, I really do. Fiverr really does need a better refund and rating system, and what is currently in place is fundamentally flawed. But its not fixed yet, but you can still make progress by being a bit more calm in this situation.

I approve of everything you just said!

To ask for a logo for a lawyer and get the Proud Police Uncle logo shows some miscommunication. The seller must not have understood a word of English.

Anti-semite much? Wow. I’m an American and am happy to work with my Israeli friends and people from all over the globe. I’m not against anyone over their country, just their behavior.

As an admin on the forum, which part bothered you? That I visited Israel and found the people friendly? That I thought it would be amusing to watch you go into a building in a rage because of $16 that you were already refunded in legal store credit? It sounds funny to me and laughter is good for my health. Being overly angry or serious is really bad for your vital organs.

Let’s be honest shall we, no real lawyer would come on Fiverr to get a professional logo created, think we can close this now mods? LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

And Fiverr was right to do that. They take PayPal charge-backs VERY seriously. You willingly broke the rules, and your account was restricted for it. Learn from your mistakes, and don’t do it again.


What kind of Lawyer names his brand, “Proud Police Uncle”?

You missed the point. It’s over there.

A lawyer coming to fiverr for a logo spending $16 and getting a logo that says Proud Police Uncle and saying he is going to sue fiverr to get his $16 returned instead of just a fiverr credit, ranting about it, getting his account banned — priceless. :smiley:

I’m interested in knowing this, too, though

Is it me or are these type of posts starting to surface now? Have only been here 2 years so I’m not sure if I have missed anything else.