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On fiverr no good programmer Get a order, Not a good website and not have a standard

I am web designer and developer and i complete 5 orders in the given time with 5 star rating and now here i dont get any other order why this happened to me, The people who dont have any experience about strutured programming, who do low quality code and provide less secuirty can get the order, for 5 month i dont get any order , i struggle hard for this but no one place his order ,
The most bad thing on fiverr is
You start your bussiness with five dollar, due to which many programmers less their rates, only beneficial for clients not for programmer, a product Quality cannot make without a better price
Here is my gig you can see all my contents genuine but dont get order
Advice me to start the game

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Have you ordered from every single seller to find out what they’re offering to enable you to say this with 100% confidence? :wink:
I’ve moved your post to ‘Improve My Gig’ so you can get some help - good luck! :sunny:


But mostly are in this situation i met some other seller and they have same condition like me

So they’re blaming their lack of success on everybody else as well then? :wink:

You’ve got two gigs, one at $20 and one at $50. Is there anything else you could offer? You can have another 5 gigs as a newcomer. Is there anything you could do for $5 just to get the ball rolling?

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I see your recent delivery shows 9 months. :thinking:
It appears you’ve been on hiatus and came back? Or you’ve been around the whole 9 months with zero orders?

For you to say Fiverr is not a good website and don’t have standards is a bit much. It takes time for most sellers to get a steady flow of sales. Instead of putting down the website, do something about it. Generate multiple streams of income. UPYOUR game!

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THANKS for your this advice, can you give me any other advice related to newcomer like the above one

thanks 4 ur advice :slight_smile: ok I try it

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