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On level 2 fiverr helps to rank your gigs?

My question is that I have read that on level 2 fiverr do some rank to your gigs.
Now please answer me according to the scenario:
Let suppose agr person is on level 2, he have to go somewhere for 1 week vacation.
Which option he/she should choose?
1-Pausing all gigs?
2-Out of the office option?

And after coming back from vacation it’s position would be lost? Or his gigs will still in good position due to level 2?

Actually my requirements are fulfilled and in next evaluation I will become level 2 seller by the grace of God. And I also have to go somewhere therefore I am asking this question.

As now I am level one seller my main gig remain paused for 2 days and 3 days mostly due to my queue is full. And when I remove the limit it start getting orders and buyers.

Quick and logical answers and suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks!


Gig placement in the search engines is heavily influenced by performance and activity. If you aren’t active for two weeks, then yes, your gig will likely drop a bit in the “rankings”. Why would Fiverr reserve a “ranking” for you, if your gig isn’t performing for two weeks – especially when other sellers might still be performing, or performing better than your gig?

When you return to selling, and you reactivate your gigs, you can work your way back up to where you were.

God is not going to make you a Level 2 seller. You do that on your own by maintaining your analytics, and meeting all of the requirements Fiverr has clearly established.

I recommend clearing out your queue before you leave on vacation. Otherwise, if you leave them sitting there while you are gone, you may end up with late orders, and that WILL kill your gig ranking.