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On my way back to Level1 (and how it's not even my fault)


You got to love the fiverr ranking system, that makes the seller responsible for everything :). I’m going to keep it short: I almost reached TRS at this point. Only a couple of bucks are missing and everything could be fine. Until the universe decides - nope, take a couple of buyers like these:

Case 1:
Did not read the description. Orders the cheapest (TEST) package, wants the whole cake and more. After telling him that he’ll need to upgrade to get what he is looking for, he gets rude, wants to cancel, wishes me everything negative that will ruin the service. Cancelled.

Case 2:
Buyer purchases the test package but instead of submitting the details to work with, he uploads a photo of himself, doing a funny face, adds some random letters like “A JDH DHJA DJ” to the text boxes and finishes everything with an image of an alien making love to a woman. Even after multiple attempts to ask and understand, what exactly he wants, no logical answer. Except he expects this to be outstanding work! Cancelled.

Case 3 (a couple of hours ago):
Buyer purchases the test package, adds some cheap extra stuff, expects the work of the full package and more - He just ignores everything the gig description says. He also wants some work done that I’m not even offering. After explaining everything to him, he says “I didn’t know I had to read the whole description and all that stuff.” He also mentioned that everything should be clear in the beginning and not in the end. Well, if you would read the description or contacted me first (like requested in the description), that would be no problem. Cancelled. And he also told me “Waiting for the refund to order from someone else. Let’s go!”. It was hard not to contact him again to say “make sure to read this sellers gig description at least” :D.

Case 4:
Buyer purchases test gig. I deliver in time. The buyer does not ask for revisions and marks the order as complete. I get a 3* rating but he is not even calling out something that he disliked. I kindly ask him what went wrong. He answers “nothing, everything is good and I am satisfied. It’s just late and I had a bad day. Sorry for the review.” Thanks.

It’s funny. My completion rate is almost never affected because someone doesn’t like the work. It’s almost everytime that a buyer simply does not read descriptions. Sellers NEED to have at least 24 hours to see and confirm or reject an order request. This should not affect sellers in a negative way. I really don’t like this system.


That is really a problem that all sellers usually have … your suggestion is quite good, and really necessary, because it is always the same, the seller always pays the broken dishes because of the buyer.

Sorry to see your bad experience, hope fiverr do something sooner or later about this kind of problems.


I understand your experience and the thinking of buyers who wants everything in basic package.

I suggest that fiverr have to implement one system on direct gig order that, when Buyer select any package for their order then buyer should get one new window where they can see the detailed information about the package and the limitations of that package where seller can also include some sample images to show examples of that package delivery and below that there should one check box to agree of all terms and conditions and if client ask for extra then we can send our case to fiverr experts team and they will solve it with equality.
So that client will read all delivery expectations twice and also ask if they confused about their package.
Please share your opinion about this guy’s.


exactly i am totally agree with you.


Unfortunately most of my cancellation are the basic 5$ gigs ordered by cheap and sometimes terrible buyers that pretends to enslave you.
I know how you feel but we have to think about the great buyers and experience that are the majority in my case.


Thank you for your support on this suggestion @zeeshanad :slight_smile:


Yes sure you are right @solow13 ,
we get many polite and professional customer who also give their valuable Tip and review.
However 1 bad experience affect on our 100 satisfied reviews so we have to find some way to make everything in equal way.


sure, I agree - most of our buyers are awesome. I had great experiences and it’s only a small amount of buyers that are nightmares. But the thing is, as a freelancer, besides from fiverr, you always have these kind of people. It’s not a “fiverr thing”. The problem I see is the system that punishes YOU for THEIR mistakes. It’s not the people that make me mad. It’s the power they have because of a broken system.


Really an “accept order” feature should be implemented , but still you’ll get problems , i only had one bad experience , sometimes being kind solves a lot of stuff , but people like this , who buy something and puts random stuff in just for fun , deserves to lose the money they paid , you don’t go into a shop , buy random food you don’t really need , and then go back the day after complaining beacause you didn’t eat it and wanting your money back


Completely agree with you! I think fiverr should improve the system for sellers!


This is my story in February Evolution :frowning: I did 6 revisions to make him satisfied and keep my order completion in around 100%


Yeah it’s really hearting :cry:


Yes bro,
It’s bad,
we hope for some positive changes in future by Fiverr.


Just sad how some people treat us


I’m sorry you had such terrible cases. But I’d like to suggest one thing, I noticed all your troubles are circulating around the ‘Test’ gig, if I were you, I’d either remove it or dramatically increase it’s price.

Best wishes.


I live in Italy and now I have the response rate to 82%. Only now I understand (maybe) because I have got a rate so low, because I should not to sleep. With old system I had not problems. Now After 3 years no badges and no sells. I have 5 stars, 939 orders completed, but I feel like a newcomer. My sells is stopped now. Congratulations Fiverr


The Fiverr APP doesn’t work good, Often I wrote to buyer but some hours after , my scripts are disappears…
Really in disappointed with this system.
I apologize for my outburst


I understand your plight. I also had to struggle for more than 2 months before I was able to achieve Level Two status.

I wish Fiverr introduces a way to protect their sellers more.


Thanks, I thought about that too. But indeed, the test service is a great way for me as seller and the buyer to check out the service and to make sure we are able to work together on a full project. It is building trust and if everything is working out, we often proceed with a full package. Sadly, it is not the test package that is confusing, it often is a “client” that simply does not read what it does include. That’s the problem. I recently had this problem with a “big package” too. It is astonishing that some people spend hundrets of Dollars to purchase a service they did not even research. On the other hand, the service is doing great - I had great experiences and awesome clients! I just think Fiverr should improve the service to give the sellers some kind of security. I’m always on the edge if I see someone purchasing a gig without contacting me before. It’s always a 50/50 chance if this works out or will just end in another cancellation.


Yes, me too. That is why I keep raising my prices (and still get an order without contacting me sometimes) but at least even if my package doesn’t include what the buyer asks, I try to increase the price to match the package that should’ve been ordered, if they agree (mostly do) then I’m happily doing the job, if they don’t agree to increase the price, I still do the job to avoid cancellation but advice them to contact me the next time before they order.