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On order page, allow us to put star next to some orders


I recently switched to longer delivery times for orders after years of only having 24 hour delivery.

Some orders in my list of orders on the order page need my attention faster than others, even though they are listed in the order they need to be delivered in.

I would like to be able to put a little gold star next to orders that I need to be reminded need some extra attention.


Gosh, we had the order stars back in the older days, I used them a lot to make visual notes that those orders needed some extra attention.

Wait, are you talking about these? :smiley: they’re already there, just on the Manage Sales page :stuck_out_tongue:


True, it would make more sense to have them on the ToDo page instead, I mean, it’s a ToDo list after all.


Cool, can I ask what prompted the change?


Not having time to do anything else but work on orders.

Thanks woofy. Now I see them.