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On-Page WordPress SEO

The role of copywriting is an important part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Copywriting makes a large impact on the image and reputation of a company or brand. A sales team connects customers one at a time but a copywriter reaches all of the customers at once through social media ads, search engine ads, content marketing, blog post, sales letter, and more. Copywriting empowers you to change over more readers into customers.

Here are some copywriting steps to grab more customers for your company or brand:

  1. Describe all of the products and services.

  2. Uniqueness and spatiality about products and services.

  3. Benefits of using the products and services.

  4. Customer research and understand their needs.

  5. Use unique and specific headlines for every content.

  6. Add a call to action (CTA) to read more about products and services.

  7. Keep contents scannable


Onpage SEO is very much important in SEO process. Bcoz nowadays you did 80% onpage part means website technical audit and only 20% of offpage means link building then it will work.

In Onpage there are so many point technical points are included like website url structure, duplicate content, internal linking and many more.

In SEO for wordpress is very easy bcoz the wordpress platform have many plugins so you can add more plugins to easy your website SEO process.

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You are right. Thanks for sharing

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thanks for shearing your valuable tips and trick

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Welcome and thanks for reading my post.

Thank you very much for sharing this information.

I think if you create unique content with proper keywords, that will make a large impact on the search results.

Link building is not an only off-page option. Off-page means index in search engines, social media marketing strategy, analytics configuration, branding, and marketing.

Thanks for shearing your valuable tips and trick, best of luck

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