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On Second Thought, Though, What Does Fiverr Really Offer?

After browsing through the first 20+ pages of various keyword searches where I used to be on the first page and still couldn’t find my gig, I realized that building a steady flow of income through Fiverr is a fool’s dream.

I worked for months promoting and inviting various clients outside Fiverr into the system. I also gave lots of discounts to prospective clients, just to build my account. I also painstakingly watched my gig slowly move up the ranks from several back pages till it got to the first page on different keyword search metrics.

Unfortunately, after ranking properly on some search metrics and pulling in some orders from Fiverr after a long while, with great reviews and a reasonable conversion rate, I got online one day, and my gig was nowhere to be found using the same search metrics as before.

I would have understood if I was displaced to the second, third, fourth or even fifth - the tenth page due to my’ performance’ but I find it absolutely ridiculous that after going through the first 20 pages using the same search metrics as usual, that there’s no trace of my best selling gig.

I’m lost as to what my next move should be. Should I go back to struggling to attract clients onto Fiverr? Back to the old days of unreasonable discounts? I mean, I would have, if I at least know where my gig stands so that I can calculate how much work and effort to put into ranking once more, but as it stands, my gig is nowhere to be found.

If at all, I do decide to start from scratch again, why then, should I bring clients to this platform at all? If this platform will be so quick to brush off my hard work and push me aside at the hint of a breakthrough, why not just keep these clients to myself?

What then is Fiverr’s use to me, if after working my ass off to rank well, doing everything right, and getting good reviews, my gig can be thrown away without a second thought? Why come on Fiverr at all?

CS informs me that my gig is well-indexed and can be found using my country, level, and gig title to filter my search results. Who on earth is going to do all that to get a seller on Fiverr, when 48 options stare them in the face upon the first search?

You’re probably going to say; it’s the ‘algorithm’ working its magic to ensure some level of fairness and all. I’m not saying Fiverr’s almighty algorithm shouldn’t work to place sellers in search results appropriately.

What I’m saying is - predictability makes for more efficiency. If I can work my head around a system and know what to do to survive, I’ll do it. If 1000 other sellers can, they’ll definitely do it, and at the end of the day, performance would be the ultimate decider on sellers’ success here on Fiverr.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case here. We are advised frequently to promote our gigs outside Fiverr. I guess this promotion isn’t really meant to help sellers rank and maintain such rankings on Fiverr - it’s all about bringing in clients for Fiverr to get its 20% cut. Which reverts to the question above - why work for Fiverr if Fiverr won’t work for me?


I have a suggestion. Your image does not match what you are selling and also is rather dull. Try changing your image, and make sure it is about writing.
This can sometimes help what you are describing.

My guy, how far.

I feel your pain.

This stuff happens at times, you don’t have to beat yourself up about it. Fiverr like any other business is not just something you do once and “forget” about because it worked the first time; it’s a continuous thing. I also checked your profile and the total number of reviews on your profile is not equal to the number of reviews on your only gig. Why is that?

As you may already know, your niche is a very “saturated” one so you really need a lot of continuous hardwork to stay afloat. Re-optimize your gig(s) again and with time, you might just be surprised how things will work out

Goodluck in your further endeavors.

Like a lot of gigs on the site, there are high and low times for receiving orders. Repeat clients are what keep most sellers afloat along with having something on the side, in addition to Fiverr, that generates additional income. Just because you can’t see your gigs when you search for them, doesn’t mean others are incapable of seeing them. Just keep doing what you’re doing and things will right themselves in due time.