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On time delivery and decreasing level

I am facing problem with my on time delivery without any reason and they said it shows 60 days statistics not real time but my on time delivery is reducing day by day. I was level 2 seller now I am level 1 seller what happens next? What happens if I have less on time delivery and I am 0 level? Will they Disable my account?

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No they won’t disable your account. You will just stay at level 0 until your analytics improve.

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You might see if this helps:


Hi @graphicdlogos, They won’t disable your account for that. But they decreased your level turned down to level 0 untill your improvement. Keep patience. Best of luck.

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Thank you for replying.

Thank you for replying. It helps.

Thank you for replying sir.

Thank you so much sir that really helps.

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You’re most welcome. Hope, you will get your success here.

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Thank you I finally understand that now. I have a 3.3 review who turned around and order from me again and I got a 5.0 I felt very good about actually allowing that person to order for me again. I was taking a huge risk and felt like it was important to just keep doing good business and it’ll all work out itself. I got a 5 review the second time. After a year on Fiverr I have all 5.0. I am so afraid that 3.3 will bring me down any word on that? My review is on June 14