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On-Time delivery decreased, 0 orders marked as late?


So few days ago, I somehow found out that my On-Time delivery decreased from 100% to 87% with no specific reason. I don’t have any orders marked as late, none. The only thing is that the order I was working on before noticing my On-Time delivery, I extended the delivery date of that order before it was marked as late as I was extremely busy. After few days working on it, I delivered it and the buyer accepted the delivery with a 5.0 rating.

I immediately contacted the Customer Support about the situation & they said there’s nothing they could do about it and that my last order was delivered late. Although I delivered it way before the deadline and it’s not even marked as late in the orders web page. So I started to think if extending the delivery date decreases the On-Time delivery but I already extended some of my orders before and nothing affected my On-Time delivery.
So I just thanked them and it wasn’t that big of a problem as it’s only one order and I can fix things up before the evaluation date.

Just in today, I found that my On-Time delivery once again, decreased to 87% after I’ve restored it. with also no orders marked as late. There’s only one order which I’m working on right now and should be delivered on December 21 & I didn’t even extend the delivery date.

So how possible my On-Time delivery gets decreased two times in the same month with 0 orders marked as late. Did someone face the same issue? Should I contact the CS again about it? :frowning_face:

P.S: This isn’t a post where I rant about my experience with the CS. All the respect to them, I just have no clue what to do in such situation knowing that the evaluation date is near and it happened again.


Yes contact them again about it politely and with any screenshots which prove what you are saying.

This is fearsome considering so much is depending on accurate analytics now.

It might have gotten decreased the second time as we scroll through the 60 day time window, and older orders drop off of that window. So you now have fewer total orders that go into the equation making up that 87%.

The fewer orders you have during the 60 days, the more it counts against you if you have a late delivery.


I also experienced this a few weeks ago with one of my orders that I extended the delivery date on. However my statistics went back to normal after a couple of days on its own. Hopefully things go back to normal for you too.


If the orders were not late on delivery then they should not affect your rate like that.
Some weeks ago, customer support “reset” my dashboard because orders were not showing up. When they did that, my on time delivery rate immediately went up by 13% which was the equivalent of 10 orders being marked as late when they were not.
CS confirmed that it had been an error when they looked and told me how many were actually late, so it is very possible that orders can be marked as late when they are not.
Ask support to double check it and explain that you have not delivered any late orders.


@misscrystal @balacafa @eoinfinnegan Thank you :heart:
I’ll try to recontact them again and hopefully they’ll fix it.


Best of luck with this Youssef.


This is a follow up for the situation for those who’re facing the same issue.

I contacted the CS once again informing about my On-Time delivery issue.
So the discussion started off with one of the Fiverr Customer Support answered my request.

Thank you for reaching out to us. This could be due to more orders exceeding the 60 days that this percentage is calculating. The more orders that are made and completed on time, and the more orders exceed the 60 days, the system will calculate this and show you the correct percentage.

But the issue here is, I never had a late delivery. Not in a 60 days cycle neither after. So once again, how did my On-Time delivery go twice from 100% to 87% with no orders marked as late. I informed her that I have contacted them few days again about the same issue and someone stated that one of my orders were late, although it wasn’t. It was only an extend in the delivery. But I managed to get it back after that.

I woke up today before reading her other sent Email & found out that my On-Time delivery reached back to 100%.
This is what she wrote.

I am sorry you feel this way. However, I do see that your order ********** was marked Late, which could be affecting this percentage. The more orders that you complete, the more this percentage will change.

This is exactly the same answer as when I contacted them few days ago about my first decrease in the On-Time delivery. I didn’t actually reply yet after finding that my On-Time delivery got back to 100% as it was. I’m afraid to tell them about it thinking they will get it back to 87% :joy::joy:

So yeah now I finally got it back. :tada: Not sure how it went, but the CS didn’t mention anything about fixing it. Maybe it’s a miracle, maybe they did.

I can finally tick that post as a successful CS experience :sunny:


I’m so happy for you that it went back to 100%!

What happened with that order they mentioned? Was there something irregular about it? That was the one you extended delivery on? And you’re sure it never was late? That’s very strange and concerning.


Not really. I requested an extend in the delivery from the resolution center. And unfortunately, the buyer wasn’t available at the moment. So few hours passed and then I saw the L A T E sign instead of a countdown. However, the buyer came back and accepted the request & then I finished up his order and sent it back to him.
Both me requesting an extend in the delivery & delivering my buyer’s order were both made before the countdown is over. So I’m not really sure if that’s why they think that it was late.


So then the counter on the analytics page also registered it as late.


Yeah just the big bold LATE sign but the order wasn’t marked as late on the dashboard.


I delivered an order ten minutes late and the late sign was there and it registered as a late order.

If that happens again try to ask for an extension of time early as possible.

When you see the late sign that means the order is late, meaning beyond the original time limit and not yet extended.


The situation here is that I opened a request while the countdown is still ticking but because the lack of time we had & the buyer being unable to accept it at the moment, it ended up having the late sign. Until the buyer finally came up and accepted it. Everything came back as it is & then I delivered the order.

Yeah I’m probably gonna leave at least 8 hours before I can extend the delivery date & to also give the buyer more time.

Thank you @misscrystal for caring.


I am happy for you Mr. Youssef! :blush:


Hi, I’ve experience the same things

What I got after googling, surfing and reading from the fiverr forum is the only way to contact the Fiverr Team CS. They will checked your profile and sent you a mail, problem solved :slight_smile:
But may not as fast like in minute. In my case after 3 days my profile rate was back 100% again.