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On-time delivery decreasing without any reason

Hello everyone,

So I delivered an order late so my On-time delivery rate was 75 % after that I completed many more orders and it was 90% a few days ago but suddenly without any reason (I have no order in que) my On-time delivery rate is down again on 89% why is that? I not even delivered or have any order… It’s driving me crazy…please help…

Happy holidays


Statistics and mathematics in 60 days.

Probably your on-time order is now over 60 days, and more of your late orders are in 60 days, so that is why it is dropping.


I have completed 12 orders and just 1 was late When the late delivery happened I had done just only 4 orders but now I had done 12 orders and just one is late till now…I once dropped to 89 to 88 like the same way…And the late delivery was in 8 of November

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