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On time delivery dropping for no reason

I had a late delivery recently for an order recently that caused my on time delivery to drop to 89% and into the red.

It was very late I will admit, however this was due to the client needing to fix a file he gave me in the beginning before I could finish the work. The fixing took longer than expected, so the delivery was late.

Nevertheless, I finished and delivered and my stats came out of the red and up to 90% where they stayed for the last 4 days. However when I looked this morning, I see it has fallen back to 89% even though I have no orders open at all.

What’s going on?


Edit: it’s now Thursday, and my stats have dropped to 88%. I do not have any orders active or late at all!

I also have the same issue of order completion mine dropped from 100 to 75% have never seen such a thing because I delivered my order right on time but the client decided to create a dispute because he said was no longer interested in my service so I had cancel the order…I also have a fund that was supposed to be cleared on 12th today 13th no funds clearance whats going on???

Hey, I have the same issue! I delivered two projects yesterday on time and my “on-time delivery” dropped from 90% to 86%. I don’t have a late order open. How is this possible?

It’s really bad for me cause my evel evaluation is tomorrow :frowning:

The stats displayed is for the last 60 days from the current date.
As orders add in or move out of the queue from this time-frame, you will see a drop/increase in the stats (<=100%) depending upon the total numbers of orders versus the order(s) that is/are affecting the stats.

Calculate Percentage of Orders Impacting Your stats:

Suppose, I have 10 orders in my last 60 days of timeframe from the current date. And I have 1 order that is affecting the stats. So the on time delivery percentage would be 90%.

(Number of Order Impacting Negatively) / (Total Number of Orders in the past 60 days) * 100
(1/10)*100 = 10%

On Time Delivery Percentage = (Total Percentage - Order Impacting Percentage)
100% - 10% = 90%

If your stats are not refreshing, you can create a ticket with the support to refresh the stats.
Make sure to calculate the percentage at your end first.

1 out of 8 orders in total = 12.5% impact
100% - 12.5% = 87.5%

Good Luck!!


Hey, thanks for explaining. The problem is, that at least for me it’s still showing 86% even though I delivered two orders on time today which should be calculated as well but the rate is still the same.

The best explanation ever! :fire:

As per your calculation, what should be the “Delivered On Time” percentage? I hope you have calculated at your end.

Also, delete Fiverr cookies from your browser, cache files/temporary files from your system, and try again to see if that’s make any difference in the stats.