On time delivery drops for no reason?


Tonight my on time delivery rate dropped to 99% for no reason.

I never deliver any orders late. Has anyone else had this happen?
This is a first for this bug.

I got this mysterious message from support, I’ve not had any late orders:

Hi MissCrystal,

Thank you for contacting us. We’ve checked on this for you and it appears correct. Please keep in mind that this statistic measures the statistic for the last 60 days, which means that every day different 60 days are taken for calculation. Depending on the orders you completed in the last 60 days and the balance of the delivered on time VS delivered late on the given date is what can make this statistic to change, even when there are no recent orders delivered late.

It just changed tonight but for no reason.


I even sent a picture to CS of the LATE column with nothing there. This is quite a concern since there are not any late orders yet not only is the analytics page wrong but CS says it is correct but it isn’t and the orders page shows that.



I see what happened. A buyer used the revision button to ask for
free work. This made it late. Is this how this is supposed to work?
Can someone explain how this makes an order late?


OK…the bug situation is REALLY starting to scare me now since we need to deal with
St.Levels Day on a monthly basis from now on.

Your situation should NOT count as late work, are you going to contact CS again??


Do us all a favor and keep pressing for an answer from support. This is getting out of hand now. The response rate bug still isn’t fixed and now order completion bug? Really Fiverr?


I might be wrong. It looks like something went 20 minutes late but I can’t be sure. It’s almost 4 A.M. and I’m going to need some sleep to figure this one out.


I hate to knew that fiverr never really test their system properly before launching anything & force us to be their BETA tester, so UN-professional.

There’s a lot of bug in the system, I knew there’s no perfection but at least please fix the big bug that will harm the Seller.

fiverr shouldn’t let our seller be their BETA tester with our income, a lot of us is doing it full-time, please take it serious fiverr.