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On-time delivery keeps going down!

Hello all! I have been a seller for little over a year now. Last month I accidentally slipped below 90% on time delivery. Most of the deliveries happened within an hour or so of the delivery time, and I still always get 5 star reviews because I communicate with my clients and deliver good results within a very reasonable time. Most if not all clients don’t view the work as “late” because I am delivering so close to the delivery time. I know I need to adjust that and am working on fixing to make sure I deliver on time!

That being said, my percent rate for on time delivery is in the 80-90% range and I am not getting enough new orders to bring it back up! My views have gone significantly down. Also, even though I have delivered all orders since then on time, my delivery rate is still going down even now. Anyone know why that is?? Any suggestions to help get my rate back up?

I know that I need to be careful about my delivery rate going forward, so I will fix that for sure. Thanks for your help and insight! Elise

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Check this out:

This may be helpful to you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR

Thank you very much. The Getting through sales slump post was extremely helpful. I have altered my gigs for faster delivery and even lowered my rates a little, but I will also add that information to my gig description and implement some of these other tips. Thanks again!


I am still not clear on why my on-time delivery rate is going down, but maybe the fiverr calculations are delayed. I am just surprised by how delayed they are.