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On-Time Delivery Publicity!

Hey, Fiverr community.
I am new here.

I wanted to know if the on-time delivery rate publicly visible, or is it just available to me?


Hey there,

That stat is only for you. You will be evaluated at every 15th of the month based on that so you must keep it as high as possible. (over 90%)

Good luck!

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Visible Only for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It was helpful.
Just one thing left. Is it calculated based on the number of orders or the numbers of buyers?

Number of orders within a 60 days period.

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If I received multiple orders from one buyer, will it affect the on-time delivery rate?

Also, does it affect the ranking of my gig?

If you deliver the orders on time it will increase your delivery rate/time. It’s a good thing.

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