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On-time delivery rate decreasing without any order

I am facing the problem of decrease in on-time delivery rate. I did not have active orders for around a week but it still decreased. It came down for 84% from 87%. After 2 days, my seller level will surely decrease. I missed delivery date for some orders in the past but when I deliver in time, there is really slow increase in the rate and decrease in rate without any active order. Please help me!
Pravesh Khanal

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That sounds like a glitch, report it to customer service.

How will I do so? Thanks!

No, it is normal.
Late delivered order affects your rate up to 60 days.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t have order from a week.

Yes, I suppose it’s like ratings and everything else. A 5-star rating from 60 days ago will disappear tomorrow, so that might lower your score, just like the disappearance of a 1-star rating might increase your score.

Thanks for clearing that up.

Order completion rate seems to drop out of nowhere also on some days. Going down 1 or 2 percent. Yet when you complete multiple orders in a month, the percentage rarely if ever increases. This system shouldn’t be this flawed. It was rolled out awhile ago.

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I have the same problem - after the order MUTUAL cancellationwith the client my score started dropping every day for 1- percentage. why is so and how can i fix it???