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On time delivery ratings

i have no ongoing order but my on time delivery ratings going down. when i last submitted my project it was 85 % but now it is under 80. i haven’t Any project still it keeps going down. why?

This explains why.

Are you sure you are delivering every project on time and have not been late in 61 days?

Did you mean to say that your “on time” percentage was 80%, or did you mean another stat like completion rate or response rate?

(vickiespencer offered a possible reason if you meant to say completion rate. It also applies with slight changes if you were late on delivery in the past 61 days.)

there was a order that was late. when i delivered that project my rating already fall to 85% due to late delivery.
but i don’t understand that now that order is also delivered and still ratings falling down.
these are now at 79 from 85.

That used to confuse me too. :confused:
Did you read the thread I posted above and look at the chart the poster made? After I read the article I made a chart like the one @sjorscrusius made. I also add to it each day and cross off the days that are more than 60 days past. Now I can predict when my % of on time delivery will change. :slightly_smiling_face:

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